Escargots with bulgur

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recipe :
Buy the snails (1 kilogram) from a supplier you trust . Clean their surface with the help of a knife if necessary, and remove the membrane covering their “mouth” . I put them in a big bowl filled with water and change the water twice. Take them out and drain them. If yoy don’t see movement inside one snail then through it away, because it is not alive and so not safe to be eaten . Boil them in a pot with water and drain again .
In a pan pour plenty of extra virgin olive oil and when it reaches the right temperature for frying the snails, put them in, add salt , pepper , 1 stem of fresh rosemary and 3-4 red vinegar in the end. Cover the pan with its lid for a while until they are ready to be eaten. Before serving, remove the rosemary stem.
Serve over boiled bulgur, which is seeds of wheat which are peeled and steamed before we smash them and dry them. It is popular in Middle Eastern cuisine, especially in vegetarian dishes such as tabbouleh. Because bulgur is mainly parboiled, cooking it is extremely fast. It is boiled like rice. With the ratio: bulgur (1), water ( 1.5 ) , also add some extra virgin olive oil in the pod where you boil it and 1-2 pinches of salt.
Bon appetite !