Gilthead Seabream in the oven

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We buy 2 Gilthead Seabreams, 500grams each. The fisherman prepares and cleanses the fishes for us. At home, we clean in with water in the sink thoroughly and into the slits, the fisherman opened.
Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius and place the fishes on a greased baking pan,also oil the top of the bream with extra virgin olive oil and salt it with coarse sea salt and add also a little red pepper. In 50 minutes to 1 hour are the breams (half a kilo each) ready and we serve them with lemon, extra virgin olive oil and parsley (optional).
Bon appetit!

Fried cod and garlic sauce

Recipe :
1 kilogram salted cod / dried fillet ( free from the bones ) , we dip it into water for a day, stored in the refrigerator, in a glass bowl, changing the water at least 4 times . After 1 day, remove its skin and any leftover bones.

batter :
1 small cup all -purpose flour
1 small can beer
1 egg
a little salt
1 pinch of pepper
( mix all the above with the wire you whisk the eggs )

garlic sauce with walnuts :
Put in a food processor the following :
1 cup of peeled walnuts
5-6 slices of bread, soaked in water and squeezed
2 Tbsp of vinegar
1 small cup extra virgin olive oil
3 chopped cloves of garlic
a little salt

In a preheated pan with extra virgin olive oil fry the pieces of cod from both the sides after you dip them into batter.When fried, just place them on a platter, on an absorbent paper towel, to keep them crispy .
Bon appetit !

Pasta with salmon


see salmon fillets recipe ( )
Boil the pasta, drain them and add some extra virgin olive oil and some gravy of the salmon fillets. Cut the fillets in small pieces and remove the fish bones. Add the salmon pieces in the pasta as well and mix everything.
Bon Appetite!

Sardines in steam



Recipe for sardines in steam :

a) Clean the sardines (1 kg ) by making a small slit under the head towards the belly and remove the fish’s insides .After that rinse the fish in a bowl thoroughly with water .
b ) In a pan put some extra virgin olive oil and mince a large onion and 2-3 green peppers , and optionally add a little chili pepper or 2-3 drips of Tabasco . Boil for 20 minutes and add the fish with parsley 2-3 pinches and sea salt , 1 pinch freshly ground pepper , a little oregano and water to cover the fish but not completely . Continue to add water until the fish is cooked and in 45 ‘ boiling add lemon juice of 1-2 lemons.
Bon appetit !

Salmon fillets with thyme and rosemary in the oven

For 2 people :

We will use 2 fresh salmon fillets , fresh . Marinate them for 20 min. in the fridge (5 degrees Celsius) in a mixture of milk , extra virgin olive oil, 1 pinch of thyme (not more ), 1 pinch of rosemary, 1 teaspoon of mustard, 1 garlic clove , 1 pinch of salt, 1 pinch of pepper , and then in a preheated pan add some extra virgin olive oil , place the 2 fillets in and cook each side for 2 min. on high heat .

Then, pour a little water in the pan which is also suitable for baking in the oven and bake the fillets in a preheated oven at 190 degrees Celsius -not in fan-in the middle rack, for twenty minutes to half an hour to, depending on thickness of salmon . The ideal color is somewhere between white and pink. The fish is then ready .
Alternatively, marinate the salmon directly to Pyrex , if you do not want to use any pan . (In this case in the Pyrex we bake the salmon fillets at 185 degrees -not fan- in a preheated oven , in the middle rack, for 30 minutes.
Caution : Some people have intolerance to milk combined with fish , these people should not put milk in this recipe !!

Bon appetit 😉

(marinade before baking)
(already cooked)